Linwood Recycling Center

The Recycling Center is the community’s resource for information on any recycling questions and procedures. We handle all incoming recyclable materials such as appliances, steel, organics, electronics, yard waste, and all other home recyclables.

 We sort and distribute items collected with the appropriate handling facilities.

*The Township is asking the residents to please bring in a tonnage receipt for everything that is taken to a drop-off site.*

The Linwood Township Recycling Center does not accept Hazardous materials. Please take them to Anoka County's facility. Click the image to find out more information about Anoka's facility. 

household hazardous waste facility

Recycling Information

Check out the new re-use area, located in the Linwood Recycling Center 

The Linwood Recycling Center has a "RE-USE" area and get lots of items that need a new home. All items are in good/reusable shape. 

At-will monetary donations accepted! Proceeds are reinvested into the Recycling program.

♦ Saves Money

♦ Saves Energy

♦ Reduces Pollution

Benefits of Re-Use

♦ Sustainability

♦ Environment Friendly

♦ Reduces Waste

Items in all categories! Including:

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Electronics
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Garden Art
  • Hardware
  • Home Décor
  • Home Repair
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Small Appliances
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools
  • Toys

Recycle Bin animated stock photoNo Curbside Recycling Service, we can Help!

Residents are encouraged to utilize the 24-hour drop-off bins at the Recycling Center, situated outside the center's entrance. This space is accessible 24/7 and is closely monitored by surveillance cameras. Look for a helpful poster on the container illustrating acceptable and prohibited items. Please refrain from disposing of trash, shredded paper, or plastic bags. Make sure to empty any bags before depositing recyclables. Those found in violation of these guidelines will be contacted accordingly.

Recycling Center Containers

recycle smart

Recycle Smart – Keep “Tanglers” (such as Plastics Bags) Out of Your Curbside Recycling Cart!

“Tanglers” is a recycling industry term for any item that gets wrapped around equipment at recycling sorting facilities.  You may not realize this, but all the recyclables that you combine in your curbside recycling cart must be separated by material, or they cannot be sold to companies that make products out of them.  Items such as plastic bags and stretch film, holiday string lights, electrical cords, rope, garden hoses, clothing and chains are all considered tanglers.  These items become tangled on sorting equipment and workers can spend hours each day removing them, causing costly processing delays.

However, some of these items are recyclable at drop-off centers since drop-offs collect items separately and therefore, they can be sent directly to a market without sorting.

The following list are tanglers that can be recycled at drop-offs:

no plastic bags in recycling carts. Drop-off only

Plastic bags, stretch film and air pillows


  • REDUCE/REUSE:  Avoid using plastic bags by bringing your own bag.  Bring packaging materials to mailing stores or the Linwood Township Recycling Center for reuse.
  • RECYCLE: Recycle:  Clean, dry bags and stretch film can be taken to large retailers or grocery stores.  Simply puncture plastic air pillows and they can be recycled with other plastic film. Look for collection containers by store entrances. 
  • TRASH:Trash:  Non-stretchy cellophane, wet or food contaminated bags, plastic handles.
NO cords, sting lights or chains or rope                                                              

Holiday/string lights and electrical cords


  • RECYCLE: Linwood Township Recycling Center collects these items for recycling.



  • REDUCE/RECYCLE:  There are many outlets for clean, usable clothing.  Some food shelves, drop boxes, thrift stores and various charitable pickup services accept usable clothing.  If ripped or torn, it is best to use as a rag or donate to organizations that accept rags. 

Metal chains/ropes/garden hoses


  • REDUCE/ REUSE:  Ideas of what to do with old, leaky garden hoses abound on the internet and having some spare rope on hand is usually a good idea.
  • RECYCLE:  Metal chains can be recycled with scrap metal at the Linwood Township Recycling Center.

Rope and garden hoses cannot be recycled

  • TRASH:  If you can’t repurpose them, worn rope and damaged hoses are not recyclable and must be thrown away.

Staff Contacts

Paul DeuthRecycling Coordinator(651) 272-5102
Julia BurbachRecycling Assistant(651) 272-5102