Linwood Recycling Center

The Recycling Center is the community’s resource for information on any recycling questions and procedures. We handle all incoming recyclable materials such as appliances, steel, organics, electronics, yard waste, and all other home recyclables.

We then sort and distribute items collected with the appropriate handling facilities.

*The Township is asking the residents to please bring in a tonnage receipt for everything that is taken to a drop-off site.*

Monthly Recycling Information


June 2022

Food Waste Reduction

Uneaten food is approximately 18.5% of the waste generated in Anoka County, this waste ends up in a landfill. Instead of throwing food waste away, prevent it in the first place. Proper food storage, shopping with a plan for weekly meals, creatively using leftovers and understanding the meaning behind food label dates are all easy things to do.

As much as 40% of the food in this country goes to waste-more than $162 billions worth every year-accounting for nearly a quarter of U.S water consumption and 4% of our oil consumption.
A 4-person family loses $1,500 a year on wasted food. Saving that would basically be a raise.
20% of the food we each buy never gets eaten.
90% of us throw away food too soon.

Healthy meal planning for the cooking and planning challenged. My Fitness Pal

Read our Food Storage Guide to keep your food fresher longer (PDF).

Check out the new re-use area, located in the Linwood Recycling Center

Did you know that our local Linwood Recycling Center has a "RE-USE" area? They get lots of items that need a new home. All items are in good/reusable shape. 

At-will donations accepted! Proceeds are reinvested into the Recycling program.

♦ Saves Money

♦ Saves Energy

♦ Reduces Pollution

Benefits of Re-Use

♦ Sustainability

♦ Environment Friendly

♦ Reduces Waste

Items in all categories! Including:

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Electronics
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Garden Art
  • Hardware
  • Home Décor
  • Home Repair
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Small Appliances
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools
  • Toys

Recycle Bin animated stock photoNo Curbside Recycling Service, we can Help!

The Recycling Center is moving the cardboard and curbside container to the front, near the mulch pile and town hall. This area will be open 24/7 and under strict camera surveillance. On the container, there will be a poster of what you can and cannot place in there.
*Please, no trash, no shredded paper, or plastic bags. Empty any bags. Violators will be contacted.

Recycling Center Containers


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Paul Deuth Recycling Coordinator (651) 462-2812